Industrial integrity, reliability and efficiency
  • Inspection & Supervision

    CWI, NACE, FROSI inspections. Predictive maintenance. Outage inspection. IFI services (Reliability and Integrity Engineer). Inspection, supply, installation and maintenance of cathodic protection systems.

  • Engineering and Studies

    Fitness for services. Extension of useful life. Re-engineering of industrial installations. Fault diagnosis (RCA). Equipment repair procedures. Welding procedures. Design of cathodic protection systems. Legalization of installations. Legal technical studies. Predictive maintenance plans

  • Technical Assistance and Quality

    Quality assurance and Quality control. Technical assistance to site management.

  • Trials and Tests

    Testing. Non Destructive Testing. Positive Material Identification (PMI). Metallographic tests. Coating tests.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency. Energy Audits. Energy consultancy. Measurement campaigns.

  • Audits

    Supplier approval audits. Quality maintenance audits. Condition audits for sales notebooks. End-of-warranty audits.

  • Training

    Modular courses. On-site and off-site training. Open or "in company" training.


At DiagnóstiQA our vocation is to become our clients’ technical ally, establishing relationships based on trust, in which the medium and long-term vision as a whole takes precedence over the interest of a specific contract. To this end, we adopt systems that guarantee the supervision of work, the treatment of complaints and the evaluation of client satisfaction.

DiagnóstiQA does not have any financial, commercial or operational interests in industrial, engineering or assembly companies that could compromise its independence and impartiality when making technical judgements inherent to the activities it carries out.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Sales 2007: 373.281 €.
    Sales 2019: 5.900.000 €
  • Staff 2007: 8 persons
    Staff 2019: 83 persons
  • University graduates: 55%.
    Average experience: 15 years



DiagnóstiQA develops:

  • Internal projects and individual R&D&I projects funded by national and multinational institutions.

DiagnóstiQA participates in:

  • Consortia with clients, other companies and public or private research bodies funded by national and multinational institutions.

DiagnóstiQA thus:

  • Constantly updates key knowledge areas, which allows us to lead the offer of innovative services in the market.
  • Establishes relationships with other entities for the development of advanced technologies and specific capabilities that enable it to create innovative products and services, adapted to the needs of our clients and aimed at specific markets.
  • Explores new areas of knowledge and identifies business opportunities for DiagnóstiQA.

International DiagnóstiQA

More information

Since the beginning of its activity, DiagnóstiQA has been providing services at an international level wherever its clients need.

DiagnóstiQA has provided services in the following countries:

EUROPE: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Slovenia, Malta, Ukraine
AMERICAS: USA, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Jamaica
AFRICA: South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, Egypt
ASIA: South Korea, China, Japan, India, Indonesia
OCEANIA: Australia

  • Localización


    Polo Norte, 5
    28850, Torrejón de Ardoz - Madrid
    Phone +34 917 081 650
  • Localización


    Parroquia de Bergondo, parc. R02
    Pol. Industrial de Bergondo
    15166 Bergondo – A Coruña
    Phone +34 981 970 173
  • Localización


    Ludeiro, 12
    36415 Mos – Pontevedra
    Phone/Fax +34 986 285 782
  • Localización


    Glorieta Fernando Quiñones s/n
    Edificio Centris Oficina 1-11B
    41940 Tomares ( Sevilla )
    Phone +34 954 975 561
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