DiagnóstiQA considers innovation as one of its fundamental values, which is why it promotes and actively participates in R&D&I projects aimed at improving its products and services, both in the field of research and applied technological development


DiagnóstiQA develops:

  • Internal projects and individual R&D&I projects funded by national and multinational institutions.

DiagnóstiQA participates in:

  • Consortia with clients, other companies and public or private research bodies funded by national and multinational institutions.

DiagnóstiQA thus:

  • Constantly updates key knowledge areas, which allows us to lead the offer of innovative services in the market.
  • Establishes relationships with other entities for the development of advanced technologies and specific capabilities that enable it to create innovative products and services, adapted to the needs of our clients and aimed at specific markets.
  • Explores new areas of knowledge and identifies business opportunities for DiagnóstiQA.



    The project seeks real-time processing of information through monitoring and simulation in order to improve intelligent and automated energy management of buildings.

    The main objectives of this project will be a 50%  reduction in inspection and monitoring times of existing buildings, as well as the development of a three-dimensional model of the data obtained, to facilitate energy and rehabilitation decisions.

    In addition, savings of 25% in energy costs related to air conditioning and 15% savings in lighting costs will be sought, thanks to an appropriate modelling of building conditioning requirements, by considering the variable uses and comfort in the energy equation.

    Registration for the presentation of results of the Inmena Project


    Development of a tool that allows inspections to be carried out using RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) on gas pipelines more quickly and safely than under current conditions (on foot) and that allows a permanent record of the inspection.

    Develop an RPAS-based inspection tool that complies with ATEX requirements and has the capacity to carry out inspections in closed enclosures such as generation boilers, storage tanks and pressure vessels.

  • IGAPE Employment Generating Investment Project IG228.2016.1

    DIAGNOSTIQA CONSULTING TECNICA, as beneficiary of the aid program of the GALICIAN INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC PROMOTION (IGAPE) “Investment projects generating employment co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the operational programme Feder Galicia 2014-2020.  EXPEDIENTE.IG 228.2016.1 was awarded a grant of 24,300 € for the purchase of ultrasound equipment and additional equipment, which shall allow the expansion our technical assistance and consultancy activities.




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