Failure Analysis

DiagnóstiQA provides a comprehensive failure analysis consultancy service, not limiting itself to acting simply as an analysis laboratory, but also issuing an opinion on the failure and recommendations for action.


• Analyze the sample or available data
• Report the results of the analysis/study


• Draw conclusions on what has been observed
• Issue recommendations
–  inspection
– repair
– operation
– design


• Study of the information provided (design/operating conditions, history, etc.)
• Visual Inspection, Dimensional Control, Preliminary NDT
• Fractography- Optical Macroscopy
• Optical and Electron Microscopy
• Mechanical Testing and Chemical Analysis (if applicable) – Root Cause Analysis


• Electricity generation
– Thermal
– Natural gas
• Renewable electricity generation
– Wind
– Solar
– Hydraulic
• Chemical
• Petrochemical



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