Predictive Maintenance

DiagnóstiQA provides predictive maintenance services in industrial plants applying vibration analysis, ultrasound and thermography techniques


  • Vibration analysis:
    Vibration analysis in rotating machines is the fundamental technique for the diagnosis of most electromechanical problems, included in predictive maintenance plans for critical machinery. The main defects that can be detected by means of vibration analysis are:
    – Misalignment: DiagnóstiQA performs precision alignment by laser in order to minimize the generation of vibrations and thus increase the availability of the equipment.
    – Imbalance: DiagnóstiQA performs the balancing of rotating machines in order to minimize the following problems: High vibrations, shortening of bearing life, fatigue of machine elements.
  • Thermography:
    Infrared thermography is an inspection technique of application in electrical, mechanical and thermal process equipment. The visualization of thermal images called “thermograms” together with the capability of radiometric measurement of non-contact surface temperature make this technique the most powerful tool for locating and assessing “hot spot” defects in electrical, mechanical and thermal process equipment maintenance.
  • Ultrasonics:
    – The monitoring of bearings and gears.
    – The detection of leaks in compressed air circuits or other pressurized gases, leak location, checking the tightness of hatches and hatches, monitoring of valves and steam traps.


• Power generation
• Automotive
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemical and petrochemical


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