Fitness for Service (FFS)

The Fitness For Service (FFS) methodology of Fitness For Service Assessment according to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, allows to quantitatively assess whether in an equipment’s current condition  (defectology present and operating conditions) it is possible to ensure the structural integrity of the component against the considered damage mechanisms and to establish the conditions under which future operation can be maintained in safe conditions.


In general, this assessment methodology provides answers to the following questions:

• Know the damage mechanisms acting on the equipment.
• Is the equipment safe today? (considering damage and operating conditions)
• Can I maintain the current operating conditions?
• Can I repair it? How?
• Define the inspection plan.
• Provide third parties (insurance, administration, etc.) with proof of the component’s suitability.

• Power generation
• Automotive
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemical and petrochemical



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