E-learning course on steel technology. Materials and weldability

Theoretical course on the most representative steels and their weldability.


The objectives of this course are divided into two blocks: those belonging to the theoretical module on materials and those belonging to the theoretical module on weldability.

Materials module:

  • To approach the manufacturing processes of steels, analyzing the most important defects associated with manufacturing.
  • To know the metallographic structures of the most common steels and their welded joints.
  • To know the classification and types of the most common steels.
  • To deal with the most common heat treatments of steels and to analyze their influence on mechanical properties.
  • To predict the behavior of steels when subjected to mechanical stresses during service.

Weldability module:

  • To know the different welding techniques most commonly used in the industrial field.
  • To distinguish which metallographic structures a weld generates in order to understand its mechanical properties and weaknesses.
  • To know which are the most common welding preparations according to codes.
  • To approach the most relevant mechanical properties of a weld.
  • To classify the defects of welded joints.
  • To learn about the weldability of different materials (carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels and cast irons).
  • To know the temper bead technique, addressing its purpose and disadvantages.

To deal with the subject of hardfacing from the field of welding and thermal spraying.


The course is addressed to Engineering, Inspection, Maintenance, Technical Office and Quality Assurance personnel.

The resources required for the course are: a desktop computer and internet connection.

What does the course include?

  • 24-hour accessibility (personal access key to the student’s active account from the DiagnóstiQA training platform).
  • Technical support from the platform itself (Netex).
  • Pedagogical support through a DiagnóstiQA tutor assigned to the course with: Student forum, Chat with the teacher, Tutoring for resolution of doubts by videoconference.
  • Diploma accrediting the completion of the course.
  • Assessment by the student of the course from the platform itself.


The course consists of:

  • Self-training modules
  • Videoconference to solve doubts with a tutor.

The self-training consists of SCORM packages corresponding to:

  • Didactic unit of Steel-Materials with pdf available. A single sub-module.
  • Self-assessment test exercise of the Steel-Materials unit.
  • Steel-Weldability didactic unit with available pdfs. Five submodules.
  • Steel-Weldability unit self-assessment exercises.

The self-assessment exercises contain explanatory feedback.

The course requires 56 hours of dedication:

  • 24 hours for the Steel-Materials unit.

32 hours for the Steel-Weldability unit.

Duration and blocks:

56 hours
– 24 hours for the unit on Steel-Materials
– 32 hours for the unit Steel-Weldability

Additional information:

NETEX e-learning platform


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