Consultoría, Asistencia Técnica, Supervisión, Inspección y Diagnóstico para el sector energético e industrial

con el objetivo de maximizar la seguridad, fiabilidad y eficiencia de sus instalaciones


DiagnóstiQA promotes and participates actively in R&D projects aimed to improve our products and services, both in the field of research and in applied technology development.

In addition to developing internal R&D, DiagnóstiQA participates in collaborative projects funded by national and multinational institutions through partnerships with customers, other companies, public and private agencie´sresearch areas that provide complementary knowledge.

These projects allow us:

· Update steadily key areas of knowledge

· Establish relationships with other entities for the development of advanced technologies and capacities that enable us to create innovative products and services tailored to the needs of our customers and targeted markets

· Explore new areas of knowledge and identify business opportunities

Ongoing R&D&I ProjectsFinished R&D&I Projects


Energy use of technical losses in power transformers using an advanced calculation tool based on thermodynamic models and algorithms recommendation

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EEA GRANTS_Losses Evaluation_LV2014


María Baqueiro Vidal


HTF Pipe Temperature Distributed Monitoring System in Solar Thermal Poer Plants

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Cristina Zoido Ferreo

1. Feasibility study for the use of telemetry system processes for monitoring cathodic protection and maintenance of the protected structure.

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2. TEZAR. Techniques for testing in areas of difficult access

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3. ENERGOS PROJECT. Technologies for Automated and Intelligent Energy Management of Future Networks

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4. Development of a prototype of an Energy Information and Management System

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